What is Start?

Start is a FREE introductory course to Spine software. The purpose of the course is not to teach you animation, but go through all the concepts, the interface, the tools and the features that Spine have to help you to feel comfortable in order to do all other learning tracks inside Spinemation platform, participate in challenges and get you the knowledge you need to start your journey into learning Spine and Animation.

START is one of the learning tracks inside Spinemation and it is hosted on he Hotmart Platform. It was chosen because it is robust and thinking about making the project available to as many countries as possible. It is a robust and reliable platform.

Now that you had an introduction to what START is about and where you can find it, let´s move to our step-by-step guide, starting with an important DISCLAIMER, please, read it carefully.

Step 1 – The link to Spinemation

Spinemation | Hotmart Club – Click this link! It will point to the product page, then, login or create and account.

Step 2 – Create or Login to your account

Step 3 – Access the Course

You can access by clicking on the track poster or on the Content thumbnails, both leads to the same place.

Step 4 – Follow the playlist

Now you can watch the content, keep track of your progress and at the end of each page, you have access to the files and projects to follow along with the classes.

As I told you, if you click on any of the other learning tracks, they will appear locked. They will unlock if you buy the product, but don´t do it yet! Because the content is not there. I will let you know when everything is ready and I hope you can join us to keep learning animation together!

For now, I hope you enjoy the Start course and have a good introduction to Spine…Have Fun!

Juliano Castro

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